Digital Media by Leicester Digital Media... it has the power to transform the fortunes of all businesses and organisations. Those who are adept in its use have the most power to transform outcomes and outputs, achieving objectives and business goals easier and faster than those who are not.

Leicester digital media are extremely adept in the use of digital media. We can transform your business. Read more...

Web video is important. Those who use it get their message across better and easier... that is a fact.

A picture paints a thousand words but allow us to produce a web video for you and you will need say no more. Leicester Digital Media can present your products and services in web video such a way that will leave your clients in no two minds about making an affirmative decision with you rather than your competitors.

Protect your brand in the digital environment!

Internet domain names are the basis on which fortunes have been made and on which businesses and organisations have undergone massive growth. There is a lot more to domain names that just buying one and then no more. If you own just one or two names as a business, the chances are you are doing something wrong and are missing out.

Allow us to develop, protect and manage your internet name portfolio for you.


Leicester Digital Media pride ourselves on great website design that not only looks good but works well and is optimised for search engine performance. see Web site design by Leicester Digital Media.

There is a whole lot more to achieving success with digital media and modern internet use than just having a website developed and uploading it to a server. Leicester Digital Media are experts at website promotion and social network exposure development.

We really know how to make a song and a dance about your business, brand or organisation through IT. See Web site promotion by Leicester Digital Media

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Showing off of your products and services better.

Are you making the very best use of digital media to present your products or services on your site? Is your message about your products and services on offer understandable and memorable? Can you afford to lose any of these potential customers? Web Video is a powerful and potent medium. With it you can better illustrate your products and service features and benefits. Using video will bring you closer to your customers and more importantly... your potential customers closer to you.

Our flash video production and streaming will increase your website performance.

Had a website for a while?, Then you will already know that your site's visitors are the single most valuable asset you'll ever have. Customers are king – and without them, there’s no business! If you’re collecting visitors through banner or print advertising, you'll be paying a premium to convert them into customers, making them a rather expensive commodity indeed.

Given the fact that each visitor to your website is such a valuable and limited resource, are you doing everything possible to get your message across? Are you presenting your goods or services in the best possible light? If not, you're probably letting most of your visitors get away without closing a sale.

Web Video Streaming will Help Make Your Site ‘Sticky’ and increase the Chance Turn Every Visit into A Potential Sale.

People visiting your site need something to grab their attention. They're looking for a visual experience and they're just like you when you surf the web. You usually stop and pay closer attention when something catches your eye, right?

Most people will skim through your written material, just as you've probably skimmed through most of the material on this page, but they will watch your video presentations. It's called making your website sticky. We know, because most of our site’s visitors click on our video presentation and watch it! Because of their increased interest level, they spend more time on our site learning about our services and as a result, our closing ratio on sales is much higher. Here is another example of how video streaming could look and sound on your pages.

Using the Most Powerful Tools.

If instead of visiting your site, your prospect walked into your place of business, how would you present your product or service? Would you direct your prospect to a stack of pre-printed sales material containing text and graphics and let it go at that, or would you address him or her in person?

Of course you'd talk to your prospective customer and keep them in your shop or store as long as possible!

  • That's how you make a sale.
  • That's how you earn income!

Why conduct your business any differently online? After all, your website is your shop front. If you believe that all it takes to be successful on the web is a steady flow of visitors viewing some plain text and graphics, your sales figures are probably already trying to tell you otherwise.

When you place your business on the net, you're given a set of tools to work with to tell your story - text, graphics, audio & video. Each has its place and purpose and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

So why pick the weakest tools at your disposal for the single most important job you face - that of getting your prospect's attention and closing a sale? If you have a story to tell that’s better delivered face to face, on a personal level, why not start telling it through video so you can get your prospect's attention first? Once you have his or her attention, your prospective customer is far more likely to read what you have to say and take positive action.

Consider the Figures

If you've read this page up to this point, then you are one of the few visitors that do actually read the text content of a page. Most visitors just scan pages looking for clues to make a fast decision, and one of the fastest is to go away to a search engine, directory or a major portal. However most visitors will watch a video, if you have one on your web page. You probably also listened to the speaking animation on the right, what it has to say and watched it too, so you wouldn't miss something. Consider the figures! Access most visitors not just a few of them.

How many visitors to your site does it take to make a sale - 25, 50, 100, 1000, more? Are you making sales each and every day? How many? Rather than concentrating on finding more visitors, doesn't it make better sense to find ways to increase your closing ratio and start getting more sales from the visitors you already have?

If you do nothing, your ratio of visitors to sales will continue to decrease. If it's taking you 100 visitors to make a sale today, 6 months from now that number will probably be 1 in 200. And, it will continue to decline as more of your competitors go online. With the launch of our service, we've already learnt what works and what doesn't. We've seen countless marketers attempt to use outdated sales approaches which fail over and over again when used on the net. In order to make consistent sales online, your marketing plan has to be based on more than just the law of large numbers.

If you're afraid to try something new, just think how most of your competitors feel. Exactly the same way. Several will eventually take the plunge and survive. Most will not and they will fail.


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