Digital Media by Leicester Digital Media... it has the power to transform the fortunes of all businesses and organisations. Those who are adept in its use have the most power to transform outcomes and outputs, achieving objectives and business goals easier and faster than those who are not.

Leicester digital media are extremely adept in the use of digital media. We can transform your business. Read more...

Web video is important. Those who use it get their message across better and easier... that is a fact.

A picture paints a thousand words but allow us to produce a web video for you and you will need say no more. Leicester Digital Media can present your products and services in web video such a way that will leave your clients in no two minds about making an affirmative decision with you rather than your competitors.

Protect your brand in the digital environment!

Internet domain names are the basis on which fortunes have been made and on which businesses and organisations have undergone massive growth. There is a lot more to domain names that just buying one and then no more. If you own just one or two names as a business, the chances are you are doing something wrong and are missing out.

Allow us to develop, protect and manage your internet name portfolio for you.


Leicester Digital Media pride ourselves on great website design that not only looks good but works well and is optimised for search engine performance. see Web site design by Leicester Digital Media.

There is a whole lot more to achieving success with digital media and modern internet use than just having a website developed and uploading it to a server. Leicester Digital Media are experts at website promotion and social network exposure development.

We really know how to make a song and a dance about your business, brand or organisation through IT. See Web site promotion by Leicester Digital Media

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Making a song and a dance...

This is a phrase we often use to describe how we feel about the web promotion and social network exposure development campaigns we manage for our clients.

A small charitable trust that runs a store in the heart of the Highcross Quarter in Leicester city centre is amazed to hear their clients tell them where they have driven from and how they heard about them.

A much larger organisation based in Corby with an innovative world class solar control glazing product called Integral Blinds invested in our promotion services and recovered their investment thousands of times over with two orders in the first 5 weeks of the campaign.

What ever we do, we do it with great imagination, understanding of the social networking technologies, environment and optimum outcomes of our clients.


Twitter suffers from what may well be regarded as a rather inconsequential sounding name. For that reason many businesses prejudge it adversely... much to their cost.

In our opinion, Twitter is the single most important business tool since the development of the telephone. Companies that fail to embrace it and engage it and other social networking tools such at Posterous, Flickr and YouTube are going to be explaining that decision to their shareholders in the years to come as to how that lead to competitors stealing a march on them and grabbing great armfuls of market share.

Let us act on your behalf...

Leicester Digital Media can look after your social networking development and campaigns. We will work closely with you to first of get to know you as an organisation.

We will learn about your clients and your competitors. We will familiarise ourselves in depth with all your products and services and their selling points as well as their lifecycle.

Once we have done all that and more, we will present to you an outline of campaign options and choices to suit your budget.

Contact us now to begin this process by arranging a free initial consultation.

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